Checking Account Fees
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As a digital banking platform, we keep our costs extremely low. Hence, we don't charge our customers unnecessary hidden fees

  • No Minimum Balance

  • No Maintenance Fee

  • No Foreign Transaction Fees

Fund via Debit Card Fees:


Fees (%)

Funding via Debit Card for amounts below $100


Other Fees:


Fees ($)

Incoming Wire Deposit Fee


Same-day ACH Withdrawal Fee (Outgoing)


Domestic Wire Fee (Outgoing)


Return fees associated with transactions:



Remote check deposit return


ACH return from your linked bank account


Disclaimer: The fees might change at any time. The user will be notified before any change in that case. Additionally, Funding via card facility is only given to certain users, and a transaction might get rejected based on risk scoring from our third-party vendors.

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