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Our goal at Juno from day one has been to ensure that our members have the most seamless financial experience in the United States.

As a digital banking platform, we keep our costs extremely low. Hence, we don't charge our customers unnecessary hidden fees

  • No Minimum Balance

  • No Maintenance Fee

  • No Foreign Transaction Fees

As we continue to grow and expand, we want to focus on ensuring the sustainability of building and providing our services to our members. While we have been covering costs associated with some transactions to date, we will be introducing modest transaction fees on the platform.

Funding via Debit Card Fees:


Fees (%)

Funding via Debit Card (until July 16th, 2023)

Funding above $100 is free else 2% fee for each transfer

Funding via Debit Card (starting from July 17th, 2023)

The first three transactions are free. Subsequent transactions will incur a 2% fee.

Funding via card facility is only given to certain users, and a transaction might get rejected based on risk scoring from our third-party vendors.

Other Transaction Fees:


Fees ($)

Incoming Wire


Incoming Cash App*


Outgoing Cash App*


Outgoing Same-day ACH**


Outgoing Domestic Wire Fee**


*Effective from August 13th, 2023.

**For Outgoing ACH and Outgoing Wire, please refer to the cutoff times.

We only support Domestic Wire. International Wire is not supported.

Return fees associated with transactions:



Remote check deposit return


ACH return from your linked bank account


Other Fees:


Fees ($)

Account closure fee due to violation of the Terms of Use.


Metal Card Replacement Fee


Crypto Fees

Buying and Selling Crypto

Juno charges no trading fees. However, Juno may earn a portion of the spread on buy and sell orders. The price of cryptocurrencies changes frequently based on market conditions. The price quoted includes a spread that allows us to temporarily lock in your price while your order is processed.

Deposit Crypto

All deposits are free. Juno doesn't charge any fees.

Withdraw Crypto to External Wallets

Juno does not charge any additional fees for transferring cryptocurrency to an external wallet. However, please note that network fees are applicable as it involves transactions on cryptocurrency networks. A fee will be levied based on an estimated calculation of the prevailing network fees. The actual fee paid may differ from the estimated fee due to changes in network congestion levels.

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