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ATM withdrawal fees
ATM withdrawal fees
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In Network ATMs

You have the convenience of utilizing Juno's Debit card for cash withdrawals without any charges at over 85,000 Allpoint® and MoneyPass® ATMs.

Out of Network ATMs

In situations where you find yourself in need of cash, feel free to utilize your Juno Debit Card at any Mastercard-compatible ATM across the globe. Should the ATM owner impose a fee, Juno will provide reimbursement up to three times a month for Metal users and once a month for Basic users, with each reimbursement capped at a maximum of $4. This ensures that you can access your funds conveniently while minimizing fees.

ATM withdrawal fees, up to $4 per transaction, will be promptly refunded to your Juno account within 8 days of the transaction settlement.

Foreign transaction

Juno's debit card functions seamlessly at foreign ATMs, and Juno's out-of-network reimbursement policy extends to cover transactions made at these international ATMs. It's important to verify that your usage of out-of-network ATM reimbursements within the monthly allocation has not been exhausted before making such transactions.

Revision to ATM Fee Reimbursement Policy:

We wish to notify you that effective May 15, 2024, Juno will discontinue offering ATM fee reimbursements. This adjustment enables us to prioritize the enhancement of other essential features for the benefit of all of our customers. Kindly plan your ATM usage accordingly to mitigate any inconvenience.

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