To protect your account, we use a two-layer security architecture:

  • Secure login: Your login authentication consists of a username and password or fingerprint/face recognition (depending on your smartphone), for both the mobile device and the web app. Please choose a secure password and do not reveal your login details to anyone.

  • Confirmation PIN: This 4-digit code is required every time you make a transfer or connect/disconnect your phone. It is first set up after you have successfully linked your smartphone to your account, and afterward, it can be modified in the app. (Note: a Confirmation PIN is not the same as a Card PIN, which is the code you use when you withdraw cash from an ATM with your Juno card)

We will ask you some security questions each time you contact us to make sure it really is you. But we will never ask for your debit card number, card verification code (CVV), password, or Confirmation PIN(s) of your account.

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