Since more individuals are entering the cryptocurrency industry, we made it simpler for everyone to Earn, Invest, and Spend their Cash and Crypto from the Juno Account. Whether you're new to cryptocurrency or a native, we offer something for everyone.

What’s the difference between Basic and Metal? Which is good for me?

The Basic account provides all of the fundamental functions that the bulk of crypto users rely on the most. Users can fund their accounts, check pricing, and make transactions without being distracted.

The first thing you'll notice about Basic is that it has fewer limits than Metal. The limits restrictions are in place to help most customers get started and get a good idea of what Juno offers.

Metal has improved limitations on crypto trading, cashback, sending crypto to external wallets, etc. The best option, If you want early access to new features, greater cashback, and larger on-ramp volumes. You can upgrade to Metal by setting up a Direct Deposit of $250 or above or by connecting your Web3 Wallet.

The Basic account is great for

  • First-time Juno users

  • Users looking for an easy way to buy and sell crypto from their bank account

Metal Account is better for:

  • Daily on-ramps with high limits

  • Experienced crypto users and crypto natives

  • Users looking to spend daily using their crypto (USDC)

Basic vs. Metal Limits (key differences)



Card Type


13.3g Stainless Steel Core

Yearly Cashback



Daily Funding Limit



Daily Crypto Purchases



Daily Crypto Sells



Crypto Withdrawals to External Wallets



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