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How do I set up direct deposit?
How do I set up direct deposit?
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Select - Add $ --> Direct Deposit.
There are currently two ways to set up your direct deposit.

  • Instant Direct Deposit

  • Direct Deposit Form

Instant Direct Deposit

Choose from over 500+ payroll providers to set up your Direct Deposit via the Juno dashboard.

Direct Deposit Form

1. Select the Direct Deposit Form and download the Direct Deposit Form.

2. Fill out your name and account number. Remember to choose the account number associated with the account you would like to fund.

3. This will indicate to your employer the amount of each paycheck that you would like deposited into your Juno account.

4. Fill out your name, address, and account number. This should match the account number entered in Step 2.

5. Fill out your employer’s name, signature, and date. If you have questions about what to fill out for an employer / third party, please reach out directly to your employer.

6. Once you’ve completed and signed the form, share it with your payroll provider using their preferred method. Simple as that!

If you have additional questions, please contact our support team.

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