Ordering your debit cards
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Virtual and Physical Debit Cards

Your Juno cash account will provide you with a Virtual debit card, which is instantly usable once your account holds sufficient funds. Should you desire a physical card, you can request one through the chat button below or by reaching out to hello@juno.finance. Alternatively, you can order your physical debit card from within your Juno dashboard by navigating to the 'Card' tab. In alignment with our company's approach, we encourage users to embrace Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay as their favoured modes of payment.

To stay informed about the status of your card's shipping, navigate to the 'Card' tab on your Juno Dashboard. Just beneath your card information, you'll find a tracker that keeps you updated on the delivery progress of your card.

It's noteworthy that approximately 6 billion payment cards are manufactured each year globally. These cards are often replaced every three to four years, collectively contributing to approximately 5.7 million tons of plastic in landfills, according to Mastercard. Our aim is that by promoting virtual payment methods, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact caused by plastic cards.

Metal Card

To upgrade your account to get the Metal card, set up a direct deposit of $100 or more per month. Upon successful settlement of the direct deposit, you will be seamlessly upgraded to get the Metal card, provided it meets the approval criteria. Sustaining a monthly direct deposit is essential to retain Metal access.

No supplementary fees are associated with the Metal card—merely a direct deposit of $100 ensures your eligibility. We look forward to your continued preference for Metal, as we consistently strive to provide you with an exceptional product.

Note: To be successfully eligible for the Metal card, if your account is not automatically upgraded by our systems, please reach out to the in-app Customer Support to upgrade yourself to the Metal card.

Disclaimer: Juno reserves the right, in sole discretion, to refuse the Metal card to a user or downgrade the user without cause, reason, and notice.

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