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Account pending verification
Updated over a week ago

Under normal circumstances, the process of creating your Juno account is completely automated. However, certain applications may have to be manually reviewed due to a discrepancy in the information provided.

โ€‹In certain unusual circumstances, the verification process might take days and might end up in an acceptance or rejection.

Getting your application verified is super simple and takes less than a few minutes in usual circumstances. Based on the nature of the required documents, you may have to submit a combination of the following documents:

  • Front of your original copy of your SSN

  • Front & back of your original Drivers license

  • A video authorization of you confirming account creation

Our verification process protocol is designed to automatically ask you all the relevant documents required automatically, simply follow the steps to proceed further.

Step 1: Log on to your Juno app, you will be redirected to unable to verify SSN page, simply click on "Capture SSN Card" to proceed further

Step 2: On the review SSN page, please take a picture of your physical SSN and proceed with the "Submit SSN Card" tab (Please make sure that the SSN is clearly visible along with all the sides)

Step 3: On the Video Verification page, please click on "Capture verification Video" and record a short video saying "I authorize account opening with Juno" (Please make sure that your face is visible and your voice is clear)

Step 4: That's it, the system will reinitiate your verification process and update your account status within 10 minutes or less.

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