How much is the referral reward?

From December 12, 2022, for every "successful" referral, you are rewarded 5,000 JCOIN.

1. For October 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022 the rewards were $10 and 1,000 JCOIN. 2. For December 1, 2022 to December 12, 2022, the rewards were $10 and 5,000 JCOIN.

What is a "successful" referral?

A successful referral is when a referred user funds their Juno crypto wallet for the first time with $50 or more.

Note: Funding your Juno Crypto Wallet can be done either buy depositing crypto to the Juno Wallet or by buying crypto on Juno.

When will I get my Referral Bonus?

Your reward amount would be transferred to your Juno account within 48-72 hours from a "successful referral".

How many people can I refer?

You can refer as many people you want and the maximum referral reward you can earn is 50,000 JCOIN (or up to 10 unique users).

If you want to help Juno grow further by referring more than 10 users, we recommend reaching out to our support team to become a "Juno Ambassador".

How do I make sure my referral counts towards the reward?

Make sure your friends sign up with your Unique Invite link. and funds their Juno Crypto Wallet with $50 or above.

Do the reward stack with other bonuses?

The Referral reward do not stack/add up with any other bonus schemes that are concurrently running.

For example: If a user qualifies for the 10 USDC Bonus on First Crypto Deposit, they won't be qualified for getting the referral bonus.

Are there any other terms?

  1. This is a limited time offer only.

  2. The Offer may be subject to change at any time.

  3. Juno has the right to revoke this offer at any time.

  4. The bonus is offered entirely by Juno and is not provided by Evolve Bank and Trust.

You can learn about the erstwhile Paycheck Referral FAQ here. 

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