You simply have to deposit the crypto in your Juno Wallet to start earning the bonus on your crypto Holdings.

You can deposit crypto in your Juno Wallet in two ways:

(A) Buying Crypto -> If you have balance in your Juno Checking Account, you can instantly buy BTC, ETH or USDC.

(B) Depositing Crypto -> If you have BTC, ETH or USDC on a non-custodial wallet (such as Metamask, etc), you can transfer the crypto to your Juno USDC Wallet

Note 1: Unlike your checking account that earns 1.20% bonus only up to $50,000, your Crypto Bonus has no upper cap.

Note 2: You earn:
- 3% Yearly Bonus on BTC and ETH.

- 6% Yearly Bonus on USDC.

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