How much is the bonus?

From April 1, 2022, you are rewarded $100 when you set up a "successful" first direct deposit.

What is a "successful" First Direct Deposit?

A "successful" direct deposit is when:

- It is your FIRST Direct Deposit of $250

- The Direct Deposit has been credited to your Juno Account, and

- The Direct Deposit is from "eligible employers".

When will I get my First Direct Deposit Bonus?

Your $100 reward amount will be transferred to your Juno account after 15 days from a "successful" First Direct Deposit.

Who are eligible employers?

A Direct deposit coming from a Payroll or Employer qualifies as a Direct Deposit. There are certain entities that we don't consider as eligible employers such as "Unemployment Benefits from Government", etc.

Note: Juno reserves the right to evaluate whether a direct deposit qualities for this bonus.

Does the reward stack with other bonuses?

This reward does not stack/add up with any other bonus schemes that are concurrently running.

Are there any other terms?

  1. This is a limited-time offer only.

  2. The Offer may be subject to change at any time.

  3. Juno has the right to revoke this offer at any time.

  4. The bonus is offered entirely by Juno and is not provided by Evolve Bank and Trust.

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