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Get a $100 paycheck bonus on direct deposits of $250 or more
Get a $100 paycheck bonus on direct deposits of $250 or more
Updated over a week ago
Even though the First Direct Deposit Bonus is discontinued on November 30, 2022, all "successful" referrals (as defined below) until 30th November will receive their Referral Bonus.

​How much was the bonus?
From October 1, 2022 till November 30, 2022, you were rewarded $50 when you set up a "successful" first direct deposit of $250 or above.

What was a "successful" First Direct Deposit?

A "successful" direct deposit was when:
- It was your FIRST Direct Deposit of $250

- The Direct Deposit has been credited to your Juno Account, and

- The Direct Deposit is from an "eligible employer".

When would I have gotten my First Direct Deposit Bonus?

Your $50 reward amount would have been transferred to your Juno account after 15 days from a "successful" First Direct Deposit.

Who was an "eligible employer"?

A Direct deposit coming from a Payroll or Employer qualified as a Direct Deposit. There are certain entities that we didn't consider as eligible employers such as "Unemployment Benefits from Government", etc.

Note: Juno reserved the right to evaluate whether a direct deposit qualifies for this bonus.

Did the reward stack with other bonuses?

This reward did not stack/add up with any other bonus schemes that are/were concurrently running.

Were there any other terms?

  1. This was a limited-time offer only.

  2. The Offer was subject to change at any time.

  3. Juno had the right to revoke this offer at any time.

  4. The bonus was offered entirely by Juno and is NOT provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

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