OnJuno is now Juno

We've rebranded and here are the updates

Updated over a week ago

Upon introducing our crypto offerings in 2020, our enthusiasm was palpable as we embarked on the journey of crafting a novel financial product while witnessing our user community flourish. Our unanimous decision was to embrace the name Juno, reflecting our aspirations. However, the process of trademarking proved to be a challenge due to its widespread usage.

In light of this, we opted for the interim name OnJuno, intending to bridge the gap until we could secure the rights to the name Juno officially.

We have successfully secured the trademark, and we are now officially known as Juno.

Read more about the origins of our name here.

What's changed?

Just the name. We're officially Juno everywhere.

Juno Finance = Juno

Juno Pay = Juno

OnJuno = Juno

What's unchanged?

Rest assured, we remain your preferred crypto-friendly cash account. All the advantages, financial growth, and distinctive features you cherish are unaffected and continue to thrive.

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