Updating your direct deposit
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Managing your direct deposit is easy and can updated anytime.

To update your instant direct deposit setup via Argyle

  1. Select Paycheck from the Account Tab to manage all your active direct deposits. Your active direct deposits will be listed (example below)

  2. Tap on the Direct Deposit listing to get the complete details.

    3. Select Modify on the top right corner to update your Direct Deposit details via Argyle. Click Update pay allocation and edit the amount for Juno to update it. Your paycheck should be updated on the next pay cycle.

To update your direct deposit via your employer

To modify your direct deposit, you have the option to either visit your employer's website or submit an updated Direct Deposit form to the HR or payroll department. We also advise reaching out to your company or a payroll representative to ensure the accurate modification of your paycheck distribution. Typically, it may take 1-2 cycles for your paycheck to reflect the changes.

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