Cryptocurrencies can be volatile, and everyone appreciates some flexibility. You can always switch your current crypto paycheck selection to USD anytime. Please wait up to 1-2 payment cycles for your crypto paycheck option to take effect once updated.

We are working on an enhanced one-tap toggle between your Crypto and USD paycheck. This would add great flexibility to your paychecks.

To switch your Crypto Paycheck to USD via Argyle

  1. Select Paycheck from the Account Tab to manage all your active Crypto Paychecks. Your active Crypto Paychecks will be indicated with a Crypto Paycheck tag on them.

  2. Tap on the Crypto Paycheck listing to get the complete details and use the Modify button on the top right corner to begin your switch to USD.

  3. Remove your current preference and add USD from the list of available options and make it 100%.

  4. Confirm your USD Switch and your crypto paycheck will be switched to USD. Please wait up to 1-2 payment cycles for your new USD option to take effect once updated.

To update your direct deposit via your employer

You can repeat the same steps as above if your crypto paycheck was set up manually without argyle.

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