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How do I cancel my direct deposit?
How do I cancel my direct deposit?
Updated over a week ago

If you change your mind, you may cancel your direct deposit anytime. If you are a Metal Card user, please go through the full cancellation terms before you place the request.

Currently, we don't offer a way to cancel an active direct deposit within the app. You can cancel your direct deposit by visiting your payroll provider's website, logging in, and turning off the distribution towards your Juno Account.

If your payroll only supports the DD form, download the custom DD form here Account > Paycheck > Switch Deposit. Submit this document to your payroll service or employer after updating it to reflect zero deposits. Your direct deposit should be unlinked in 1–2 pay cycles (approximately 2–4 weeks). Once it is unlinked, the crypto paycheck preference will be deleted automatically within Juno App.

Still, have questions? Please reach out to Juno Support.

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