Does Juno charge fees?
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The Juno cash account comes at no cost to you. Additionally, crypto deposits are also exempt from fees on our platform. Juno may earn a portion of the spread on the buy and sell prices.

Withdraw Crypto to External Wallets

Starting November 27, 2023, you will be charged a nominal fee for transferring certain cryptocurrencies to an external wallet in addition to the network fees. These fees will vary by asset and will be shown to you each time you are trying to withdraw cryptocurrency.


Withdrawal Fee


0.5 USDT per withdrawal


0.000068 BTC per withdrawal


0.0012 ETH per withdrawal


0.0079 LTC per withdrawal


0.96 XRP per withdrawal

Please note that network fees are applicable as they involve transactions on cryptocurrency networks. A network fee will be levied based on an estimated calculation of the prevailing network fees. The actual network fee paid may differ from the estimated fee due to changes in network congestion levels.

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