The consumer banking experience today is fundamentally broken and doesn’t serve the interests of customers. The majority of banks have misleading loyalty programs that are focused primarily on making more money for the institution instead of rewarding customers.

Bank-led closed loyalty programs have misguided customers with opaque rewards that don’t convert into true perks and are devalued at will. To put it simply, we think that’s a bad deal and isn’t fair to the customer.

Juno’s loyalty program will be on-chain, verifiable, and community-first, giving true power back where it belongs — with the customer. Juno empowers members to earn part of their paycheck in crypto and use crypto for everyday transactions like bill payments or buying coffee.

Earning and using crypto are critical financial primitives for creating and growing a circular crypto economy. Juno’s tokenized loyalty program is meant to accelerate the growth of crypto economy and help our members live a crypto-native lifestyle. We want to thank our community for being our strongest champions and cheerleaders as we build a community-first banking platform for web3.

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