Juno Coin ($JCOIN) is an ERC-20 token that is deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain.

$JCOIN (ERC-20) Token address

$JCOIN Contract Address

Some Technical Features of $JCOIN Contract:

  • Upgradability: The $JCOIN smart contract implementation can be upgraded so that Juno can be up-to-date with the latest EIPs, and tech advancements. Members will be notified if there any changes to the $JCOIN smart contract.

  • Multi-sig - Juno has implemented a multi-signature architecture for performing key interactions with the Juno smart contract. The key actions include minting, transferring, upgrading, blacklisting, pausing, etc. The Juno executive team will part of the multi-sig signing list.

  • Pausing - Juno has the ability to pause the minting, transferring, and burning of $JCOIN to fix or mitigate any issues found.

  • Blacklisting - To be OFAC & BSA compliant and mitigate hacks and frauds, Juno has the ability to blacklist addresses and permanently pause $JCOIN transfers for such addresses.

  • You can follow the latest developments on our Public Github Link.

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