1. Genesis Supply: 1 Billion Juno coins have been minted and will be distributed based on activities on Juno’s platform. After 1 Billion tokens have been earned, new 1 Billion tokens will be minted.

  2. Earning: Account holders will Earn Loyalty Tokens at the ratio 1:1 (i.e., “$: Loyalty Tokens,” the “Earn Rate”) for Eligible Transactions (Core Actions).

  3. Halving: Incentives for earning Loyalty Tokens on Juno’s platform will reduce by 50% every time 1 billion new Loyalty Tokens are minted.

  4. Burning: Loyalty tokens redeemed by verified account holders on Juno’s platform will be burnt after a minimum holding period of 15 days, and Juno will not recirculate or resell any redeemed Loyalty Tokens.

    Note: Juno Coin will be burnt by transferring JCOIN to the NULL ADDRESS (0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000).

  5. Transfers: There will be a 15-day holding period for transfers to open wallets outside of Juno’s platform. Loyalty Tokens can be redeemed on Juno’s platform immediately upon receipt.

  6. Limits: Juno will impose daily, monthly, and overall platform limits on the number of Loyalty Tokens that may be earned, redeemed, or transferred.

  7. Final Supply: Loyalty Tokens will be distributed as earned by users for the specified activities (core actions) and the supply of Loyalty Tokens will not be capped.

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