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How can I earn Juno Points?
How can I earn Juno Points?
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The complete breakdown of the different ways you can earn Juno Points is tabulated below:


Juno Point Earnings



Cash Paycheck


Setup a direct deposit once and earn 2x Juno Points with every cash paycheck

1,000 Juno Points for $500 in direct deposit

Crypto Paycheck

Under Maintenance



Eligible Card Spends (USD)*


Spend cash with Juno debit anywhere and earn 1x Juno Points with every spend

200 Juno Points for $100 spent on card.

Eligible Card Spends (Crypto)*

Under Maintenance



Account Creation


Create a verified Juno checking account and earn 250 Juno Points

One-time bonus of 250 Juno Points for opening a Juno Account (KYC’d and verified)

Fund Account with Cash


Activate your checking account by adding funds and earn 250 Juno Points

One-time bonus of 250 Juno Points for funding the Juno Account with Cash

Fund Account with Crypto


Activate your crypto account by adding funds and earn 250 Juno Points

One-time bonus of 250 Juno Points for depositing crypto into Juno account



Invite friends and family and earn 10,000 Juno Points when they fund their crypto wallet (Upto 25 referrals)

Earn 10,000 Juno Points for every successful funded wallet Referrals


Account Type

Daily Limits (Juno Points)

Monthly Limits (Juno Points)








1. Juno reserves the right, in sole discretion, to adjudicate how much Juno Points each user gets. Additionally, Juno has the right to disqualify certain transactions and certain users from earning Juno Points. Furthermore, Juno can change the eligibility criteria for earning Juno Points without cause, reason, and notice.

2. *Eligible Card Spends DO NOT include fees or interest charges, cash advances, crypto purchases, person-to-person payments, purchase of gift cards, purchase of traveler's checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, or purchases of other cash equivalents.

3. In case of a refund or dispute resolution, the rewards would be deducted from the amount transferred. Specifically, we may deduct the rewards within your balance and terminate this reward, without notice, if You:

  1. Breach or violate any conditions or requirements in the Terms and Conditions;

  2. Act against the business interests or reputation of Juno or its affiliated organizations and clients.

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