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How can I redeem Juno Points?
How can I redeem Juno Points?
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You will be able to use Juno Points to get discounts, rebates on the Juno platform, enjoy exclusive access to partner brands or participate in events and giveaways. We will continue to add more utility for the token on the Juno platform.

The primary ways in which you can redeem your Juno Points is Gift Cards on the Juno Store.

Total Juno Points Redemption Limits

Account Type

Daily Limits (Juno Points)

Monthly Limits (Juno Points)








Juno reserves the right, in sole discretion, to adjudicate how much Juno Points a user can redeem. Additionally, Juno has the right to disqualify certain transactions and certain users from redeeming Juno Points. Furthermore, Juno can change the eligibility criteria for redeeming Juno Points without cause, reason, and notice.

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