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What are Juno points?
Updated over a week ago

Juno is pleased to announce the launch of our rewards program, where verified account holders can earn Juno Points for participating in specific activities on our platform.

These Juno Points can be redeemed for gift cards from your favorite brands or utilized to unlock additional benefits and perks within the Juno ecosystem. We hope you enjoy the added value and rewards that come with being a part of the Juno community.


Juno reserves the right, in sole discretion, to determine the allocation of Juno Points for each user and the requisite number of points necessary to redeem specific offers within the Juno ecosystem. Additionally, Juno has the right to disqualify certain transactions and certain users from earning Juno Points. Furthermore, Juno can change the eligibility criteria for earning Juno Points without cause, reason, or notice.

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