Juno intends to reward users for being an early and active user of on-chain protocols. Eligible on-chain activities or "Prior Earning Transactions" conducted prior to September 30, 2022 will be rewarded with JCOIN.

Accountholders are only permitted to Earn for each Prior Earning Transaction once. The Prior Earning Transactions and respective Earn Rates are each subject to change from time to time in Juno’s sole discretion.

To learn more about quests, you can go to https://juno.finance/quests

Note: On-chain quests are available only for US account holders.

Disclaimer: Juno reserves the right, in sole discretion, to adjudicate how much Juno Coin each user gets. Additionally, Juno has the right to disqualify users to obtain JCOIN even if they are eligible for a particular quests.

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