If you have withdrawn your JCOIN to a Web3 Wallet, and can't see your JCOIN Balance - this master guide is for you. Please go through the steps mentioned for the Web3 Wallet of your choice.

1. Metamask Extension

Step 1: Go to JCOIN's contract on Etherscan by clicking on the below link:

Step 2: Click on "More" Icon and click on "Add Token to Metamask"

Step 3: Click on "Add Token" on your Web3 Wallet to see JCOIN in your coin list.

2. Metamask Mobile Wallet

Step 1: Click on "Import Token"

Step 2: Click on "Custom Token"

Step 3: Add the following details and click on "Import"

Contract Address: 0x7C72f41342d485D59A890528880a210ee7BFBb73
Token Symbol: JCOIN

Token Decimal: 6

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