Juno Coins ($JCOIN) is an ERC-20 token that is deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain. There is a withdrawal fee for withdrawing JCOIN on the Ethereum blockchain. The withdrawal fee is a combination of the estimated ethereum network fee and $1 Juno fee. This helps the team cover the ETH network fee and operational costs. This withdrawal fee is deducted from your checking account Juno will provide other ways to deduct the withdrawal fees in the near future such as giving you the ability to deduct fees from you ETH or USDC balance The withdrawal fee is variable and subject to change at any time.

The JCOIN earned can be withdrawn to a self-custodial wallet like MetaMask after a cooling period of 15 days. During the cooling period, JCOIN can be spent within the Juno Store and be used for trading fee discount.

Token Name and Ticker: $JCOIN
Blockchain: Ethereum

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