$10 worth ETH for the first 6900 users and a total giveaway pool of $69,000.


  1. This Twitter Giveaway is open to all users.

  2. Users should RT the tweet and Comment with their valid ENS address.

  3. First 6900 users who comment on the video will get the bonus.


The Twitter Giveaway runs for 48 hrs after the tweet goes live from November 3, 2022, 9 AM PT, and ends on November 5, 2022, 9 AM PT.

Distribution of Price

$10 worth ETH for the first 6900 users will be sent to user's ENS address within 96 hours from the end November 5, 2022.

Other terms

Juno reserves the right, in sole discretion, to refuse the reward without cause, reason, and notice. Specifically, we may terminate this reward, without notice.

Note: All rewards are offered entirely by Juno and are not rewards provided by Evolve Bank and Trust, the Stellar network, or any other entity.

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