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How to dispute a debit card transaction?
How to dispute a debit card transaction?
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Before we talk about disputing transactions, there are a few important things you need to know:

✅ You should always try to resolve any issues directly with the merchant before requesting to dispute any transaction - this should be reserved as a last resort to recover your funds

✅ If all else fails, you can request Juno to file a dispute, but the process itself will be governed by our card network (MasterCard)

✅ You can dispute a completed transaction with a merchant, if you were charged by mistake or if you were a victim of fraud by filling out our dispute form:

  • within 120 days from the transaction date for merchandise or service issues

  • within 90 days from the transaction date for other disputes

Please Note:

  • Please ensure that you fill out a separate dispute form for each of the transaction IDs you want to dispute.

  • We cannot file the dispute with MasterCard before receiving the completed form with all the required information.

What is the dispute resolution process?

If you have submitted the completed dispute form, here’s what to expect:-

  1. Investigation - Juno will commence investigating your dispute within 7 business days of receiving the completed form. Our dispute investigation will reach out to your Juno email address if we have any further questions.

  2. Dispute filing - You will receive communication from our banking service partner (Synapse) as soon as we file the dispute.

  3. Temporary Credit – When a transaction is disputed, in most cases (except for Merchandise/Service-related Disputes) the end user is entitled to a Provisional Credit. The disputed transaction must be a debit in order to be eligible for provisional credits.

    Provisional Credits are issued and credited to the end users within 15 days from the date of dispute filing.

    • What will happen to my temporary credit if my claim is approved after the investigation?

      If your claim is approved, the temporary credit applied to your account will be permanent.

    • What will happen to the temporary credit if my claim is denied after the investigation?
      If your claim is denied, the applied temporary credit to your account will be reversed.

  4. Resolution Time – Once your dispute is filed, we’ll immediately begin the investigation, the process may take 90-120 days, depending on the dispute type and the merchant.

  5. Final Decision – You’ll receive an email with the final decision once we’ve completed the investigation.

Is there a faster way to reverse the charge?

It may be quicker to contact the merchant that made the charge. In some cases, the merchant may cancel or reverse the transaction.

Here's the Dispute Form

Please reach out to for further queries.

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