Question 1 - How do I qualify for Swype's $25 Airdrop?

You can participate for Swype's $25 Airdrop if you:

  1. Enter the Referral/Promo Code ‘SWYPE’ when you sign-up to Juno.

  2. Create a new Juno Checking Account.

  3. Successfully send at-least $500 to your Juno Checking Account.

The $25 Airdrop is offered entirely by Juno and is not provided by Evolve Bank and Trust. Additionally, this is a limited time offer that expires on February 28, 2023. However, Juno can extend the promotion period, or close it early, at any time without notice.

Question 2 - Who is eligible to participate in the Swype's Airdrop?

Swype's $25 Airdrop is solely open to new Juno users who fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Have created a new Juno Checking Account on a date on or after
    January 22, 2023.

  2. Are legal residents of the United States

  3. Are aged 18 or older

Question 3 - Where and when will I receive the $25 Airdrop ?

Once you successfully transfer $500 to your Juno Checking Account, $25 will be airdropped into your Juno Checking Account within 72 hours . If you don't receive the airdrop within 72 hours, please reach out to the Customer Support Team.

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