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How to send a complaint?
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Have you contacted Juno Support?

You must first submit a ticket through Juno Support before filing a complaint.

We're committed to providing a quality and professional service to you as our customer. If you've previously reached out to our Customer Support Team about an issue, and you find that you have an issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, Juno offers an escalated complaint process. We want to ensure that you're satisfied with our service.

How do I submit an official complaint?

  • If you've already contacted Juno Support, but feel our customer service was unable to resolve your issue or you are dissatisfied with the resolution, please send your complaint using the complaints form.

How do I fill out the complaints form?

  • When you send your complaint, please provide as much detail as possible about the cause of your complaint. It's important that you also indicate how you would like us to resolve the issue to your satisfaction and your rationale for this outcome.

  • Please note that your complaint will be eligible only if you provide the email address associated with your Juno account in the form.

What happens next?

  • Once you've submitted your complaint, you'll receive an acknowledgment that we have received it.

  • Within 2 business days, our Compliance team will provide you with a written decision addressing the issues raised in your complaint via electronic mail to the email address associated with the account.

  • In some circumstances, we may contact you for further clarification to your submission and will do our best to respond within a timely period.

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